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In this episode of Intuitive Ambition Radio I chat with Angella Johnson Too often, brilliant entrepreneurs are either on the verge of burnout or not making consistent money, only to realize that another formula isn’t going to fix the real problem.

Frequently referred to as a “marketing genius” by her clients and colleagues, Angella Johnson is the Harry Potter for business. She blends brings the world of strategy and energy (magic) together to guide entrepreneurs to create a business that is fulfilling, aligned, and that transforms lives and their bank account.

Angella has shared stages with dozens of visionary leaders including Lisa Nichols, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Lynn Twist, and is known for her ability to deliver truth, strategies, with her keen intuition so entrepreneurs create beyond what they think is possible.

As the creator of the Intuitive Marketing Method™ and the Soul Message Archetypes™, she blazes the path for entrepreneurs to trust themselves, break the rules, and radically change what they think is possible to make more money without the hustle or hype.

Here’s what Angella share on this episode:

  • How recognizing something was not right with her “successful” business lead Angella to find herself again
  • What hustling cost Angella and how she bounced back
  • How studying various intuitive modalities helped Angella take her power back
  • How believing the lies of what it takes to build a business maybe be tanking your business
  • The importance of being active in your intuitive choices
  • How to market and sell yourself with confidence




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