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In this episode of Intuitive Ambition Radio I chat with Shannon Ward. She has been a successful entrepreneur for over 13 years. She built her company, OnTrack, from 0 to 7 figures in just 3 short years. Since then, Shannon has transformed her deep knowledge of marketing and exceptional sales skills into a thriving sales training and coaching business where she helps entrepreneurs and their teams overcome their dysfunctional relationships with sales so that they can break through revenue barriers in record time. Her transformational approach to sales stems from a core belief that sales is an act of love.

Shannon also is a Professor of Sales & Sales Management at UBC Sauder School of Business. Shannon has been nominated for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards 2016 and 2017. Shannon divides her time between her mountain home in the resort town of Whistler, Canada and traveling the world with her husband and son. She can often be found in the ocean surfing or in the forest snowboarding, hiking or mountain biking.  

Shannon believes in giving back. She actively mentors rising women entrepreneurs through organizations like the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and donates tens of thousands of dollars each year in mentoring to entrepreneurs in need of sales training and support to achieve their next level of business success.


Here’s what Shannon share on this episode:

  • How Shannon went from not really listening to mastering her intuition through business experiences
  • How Shannon broke out of working 60-70 hours of week in a 7-figure business she’d built in 3 years
  • How you can shift your sales fears by seeing sales as an act of love
  • The most important question you can ask yourself to get clear on who your ideal client is
  • The value of listening to your intuition during a sales call
  • The importance of serving only the right people for your brand and your work.

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