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In this episode of Intuitive Ambition Radio, I chat with Lisa Fraley. Lisa Fraley, JD, CHHC, AADP, is an acclaimed attorney, Legal Coach®, speaker and #1 Best Selling Author of “Easy Legal Steps…That Are Also Good for Your Soul.” With her unique blend of coaching, legal expertise, and spirituality, Lisa has supported thousands of heart-centered entrepreneurs and small business owners to protect themselves, their businesses and their brands through DIY legal templates, online legal courses and one-on-one services.

From sharing international stages with thought leaders like Kris Carr and Gabrielle Bernstein to being featured on hundreds of podcasts, webinars, radio shows and bonus calls, Lisa has made it her mission to help every single small business owner understand that the law can be accessible, empowering, loving, and even spiritual. When she’s not saving the world (with Legal Love) one contract at a time, she’s posting free legal tips and connecting with her tribe at


Here’s what Lisa share on this episode:

  • The role of courage in Lisa’s journey to own her intuition
  • How Lisa built her business while working a day job and how she made the leap into full time entrepreneurship
  • How Lisa developed trust in her intuition and understanding how her intuition worked
  • How the law is spiritual can support and protect your business in a loving way
  • How to bring legal structures into your business that feels good
  • How to feel empowered about the legal steps to take in your business



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