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In this episode of Intuitive Ambition Radio talk to Shameca Tankerson. Shameca Tankerson is an award winning coach and International Best Selling Author who’s been featured on ABC, NBC, CNN and CBS. She works with women all over the globe to call on their courage, bust through fear and awaken their inner powerhouse so they can stop playing small, show up fully and activate 100% confidence to sell more and charge more – no apologies.

She’s a sales strategist and mindset coach. her clients have been known to call her a “Money Making Badass”. She sees herself as a doubt slayer and secret weapon in her client’s businesses.

Why? because when you take her classes, attend her live intensives, or work with her, you’ll quickly come to understand she take a no excuse approach. She pushes you to get the results you promised yourself.

Here’s what Shameca share on this episode:

  • How she went from welfare to a 6 figure business by simply listening to her intuition.
  • How she gave herself permission slips to trust her value and go after her wants.
  • The importance of remembering who you were to become who you are meant to be.
  • The value of acknowledging what you bring to the table to have
  • How she broke away from being ashamed to being confident in her business decisions.
  • How she used her intuition to create a business model that generated 100% close rate.
  • The way to structure your sales call to serve people powerfully and get commitment.




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