Become The Masterful Creator Of Your Reality

Are you an intuitive entrepreneur? 

Are you getting mixed or lackluster results using your intuition in your business

Are you ready to dial in your intuitive power and create alignment in your business?

If you answered "YES" you're in the right place. 

Within you resides the pathway to create the business and life of your dreams. Your intuition is the gateway to your soul's blueprint for your pathway to success. 

It's time to harness the power of your intuitive gifts and skills to step into your power as the true creator of your life. 

Everything you need is within you.

Are you ready to fully tap that asset?

The Keys To Intuitive Success

You can have a successful, thriving business using your intuition as your guidance system. 

The key to success is to let your intuition lead and take aligned action. 

It seems pretty easy, but if you don't fully trust your intuition and get aligned with what you want to create, it's challenging to achieve the success  you envision for yourself. 

Your intuition is your inner GPS that guides and informs you on the moves to make to get you where you want to go. 

Your alignment is the energy you need to tune into and embody to be a match for what you want to create so you can bring what you desire into reality. 

The more you get in sync with your intuition and master your alignment, the faster you'll see the results you desire. 

The good news is when you have the daily practices that enhance your intuition and deepen your alignment you can manifest what you want, whenever you want. 

How Do I Know This?

Hi! I'm Alexis Logan, Soulful Success Amplifier and Soul Alignment-Oologist.  

After investing $$$$$ in a coaching program my first year in business and doing everything I was told, I made very little money and felt like a failure. The worst part, my intuition was yelling at me to do certain things and I ignored it for the "tried and true." 

After making no money for almost 4 months, I decided to give my intuition a go and made almost $9,000 in 30 days. It was crazy awesome and short-lived. 

Here's the thing...I knew how to let my intuition bring in money, but didn't understand how to maintain and grow to the next level of success until I deepened the trust in my intuition and learned how to stay in alignment.

After 5 years in business and helping countless other intuitive entrepreneurs master their own process for creating what they desired in their business and in life, I know two things for sure:

1. You always KNOW because...intuition.

2. Alignment informs strategy. 

Master those and you become the powerful creator you know is within you to create whatever you want. 

I am going to teach you daily practices that help you do just that.


The Intuitive Success Habits Masterclass

The Daily Alignment Practices To Create What You Desire

This LIVE mastery-class is designed to help you deep your connection with your intuition so you can receive clear guidance and teach you how to get aligned and stay aligned so you manifest your business and life goals. 

In this 2.5 hour class you'll learn how to:

Tighten Up Your TrustTrust is EVERYTHING. You’ll learn simple trust building practices that will enhance your intuitive skills to receive and trust your guidance.

Turn Up Your EnergyEverything you want to create vibrates at a certain level. You’ll learn how to elevate your energy to create what you want. 

Tune Into Your Creation Frequency. When you embody the frequency of what you want, you’ll discover the steps to create it. You’ll learn how to receive the steps you need to create whatever you want. 

Take Aligned Action. Follow the inspiration without hesitation. Learn how to take aligned action, even when you’re in fear.

How we'll spend our time in class:

The first part of class is focused on intuitive development.


  • Get clear on ego vs intuition 
  • Learn your intuitive language
  • Find the best energetic frequency to tap into your intuition
  • Learn simple intuitive exercises to help you deepen your connection with your intuition 

The second part of class is focused on mastering alignment.

You'll learn to:

  • Clear your energy to create space and capacity to tap into alignment
  • Set powerful intention and access your most powerful intentions
  • Attune to the energetic frequency of what you want to create
  • Learn how to get the best guidance to inform your actions so you can manifest what you desire faster.
  • Develop a daily alignment practice that keeps you grounded and focused on what you want to create. 

These habits will help you to....

  • Sign clients at the highest rates with ease
  • Bring in 4-5 figures in days 
  • Calm anxiety about what to do and what to do next
  • Create more ease and open business flow
  • Bring ideas into reality in record time
  • Increase confidence and courage to build your business your way
  • Up-level your business with fresh ideas and innovative approaches that revolutionize your industry, setting you apart from everyone else
  • Increase performance and execution without the pressure
  • Feel more happiness and satisfaction with business in general

All The Details

This live class is Saturday March 10th at 11am EST/8am PST. The class will run approximately 2.5. hours, but could go to 3 hours depending on questions so plan for some cushion in your schedule. 

The format for the class is interactive. I'll be teaching different concepts and practices, which you will get to practice live in the class. There will be ample time for questions between teachings. 

This class comes with the Daily Alignment Workbook, which holds all the practices and worksheets to help you through each practice. 

A recording of the class will be sent out Monday, March 12th. You will have lifetime access to the content.

The Investment


The prices goes up to $147, Feb. 26th and then $197 on March 5th.

Limited to 20 people.